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When playing a casino game at an online casino, it’s important to choose a casino game online with the highest payout percentage possible. After all, you want to have the best possible chance of beating the casino. And the higher the payout percentage, the less the casino is left with the game. And the better your chances of winning are. The general term for the payout percentage of a slot machine is Return To Player. The abbreviation RTP is often used as well. The RTP indicates how much a slot machine ultimately returns to the player. If a slot machine has an RTP of 94%, then of every 100 dollars deposit over the long term 94 dollars will be returned to the player. The casino would then make its own 6%, or 6 dollars profit.

Live casino games

In the live casino, you can watch the croupiers dealing physical cards or pendulum the roulette wheel through different cameras. A live casino combines the experience and social interaction of a visit to a land-based casino with the comfort of an easy chair. Some online casinos even have English-speaking croupiers, and it’s like gambling in a land-based casino. In addition, a physical roulette wheel on the average gambler looks more reliable than a software-based roulette game. Among the live games, you will find not only blackjack and roulette, but also baccarat, three card poker, keno, hold ’em and even a variation on the famous ‘wheel of fortune’.

Pokie machines

Most people think about endless rows of slots in a casino. Also, in online casinos, you have a huge amount of slot machines and video slots at your disposal. What’s the difference? Slot machines are often simple slot machines that you may also know from the local gambling hall or snack bar. Video slots are full of extra features, like bonus games, special symbols, and multipliers. Either way, you’re better off online than in a land-based casino: the chance of winning is greater when you play slots online. An online casino has lower costs, and can afford to offer more favorable payouts. The Return to Player percentage for online slots is almost always above 90%, and some slot machines even have an RTP of 98%. In land-based casinos, this percentage is usually not far above 75%.


A favourite with many casino visitors is and will continue to be playing online roulette. Where the minimum deposit in a land based casino is easy $5 or $10 per game, you can bet a single euro or even a quarter online with the same ease. The offer in a land based casino is often quite limited, as roulette tables take up a lot of square meters and lucrative slot machines could have been located there as well. There is no use of space online, so you always have plenty of choices. Play online American, French or European roulette, alone or with other players at the same table. Choose from special forms of the game online as well: a more compact roulette wheel with fewer numbers, play an extra fast version or even play with 2 balls at the same time! The arrival of the live casino extends your possibilities even further. Variants like Immersive and Lightning Roulette (win 500 x inlay) are definitely worth playing.


Also, as a blackjack fan, you have a lot to choose from online: in addition to the classic blackjack game, you can also choose for ‘Spanish 21’ rules. Or instead of 6 card game decks, with a single deck of gambling. There are also all kinds of variants with a bonus game. We like to play a game of ‘Blackjack with surrender’, so you can limit your loss with very bad cards to 50% of your deposit. This can also be played online with live dealers! Of course, the blackjack offer varies from one casino to another, but there are a few variants for each one. As with roulette, blackjack also applies: you can play online with a much lower bet than in a land-based casino, and you can play blackjack from as little as 50 cents. High bets with for example $500 per hand are also possible.

Video slots

A video slot is perfect if you’re looking for an extensive slot machine with bonus games, re-spins and dozens of paylines: features you won’t find in a typical slot machine. You can also win a high jackpot on online video slots more often. Now and then millions of jackpots fall into this category. With video slots gambling, you’ll always have an adventure!

Best online slots

Online slots are getting better, more fun and more exciting. While online slots were in the ’90s still weak infusions of “real” slots with moderate graphics and stupid bonus games, nowadays none of this is true anymore. Most online casinos offer players hundreds of the newest and funniest online slots. These are sometimes slots that you are used to playing at Las Vegas, but often also slots that can only be found online.

Online slots have the most beautiful themes and are packed with innovative bonus games and exciting features. There are many good online casino game makers on the market and the competition is fierce. That’s why new online slots are released every week and the software developers are trying to bring out better and better games: WMS, Netent, Quickspin, Thunderkick, Play ‘n Go and Microgaming.

Online Gambling on Slots

If you like old-fashioned slot machines, where you can straightforwardly gamble with real money, then choose one of the slot machines. At online casinos, you can play versions of the Club 2000 and Random Runner. But you’ll also find modern versions of slot machines like Twin Spin and Gold Train.

Exciting Bonus Features

Online slots have fun, exciting and above all lucrative bonus features. If you win the bonus feature, you’ll often get free spins with extra wilds and/or extra multipliers for free chances of big prizes. The pick-em bonus is also popular: click on symbols and win cash prizes, free spins or even progressive jackpots.

Different themes with something for everyone

Whether you like rugged combat slots or a slot over the latest Hollywood blockbuster, there’s a slot with an appealing theme for everyone. Some slots take you deep into the ocean, such as Secrets or Atlantis, and others give you happiness with their Eastern theme of happiness, such as Fu Dao Le. And that’s exactly what’s great about online slots: there’s so much to discover that you’ll never get bored.

High Variance Slots

A special variant online lock is the high variance lock. This special kind of slot machine has a high risk profile: you can win huge amounts of money on it, but that does have a price: sometimes it can go very fast with your balance. Well-known examples of high variance slots are: Raging Rhino, 8 Dragons, The Wish Master, and Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Low Variance Slots

At the other end of the online slots spectrum is the low variance slot. The emphasis here is on gaming fun and entertainment. These are slots that you may not get rich on very quickly, but you will receive much smaller prizes and bonus features. Ideal for the player who wants to have maximum gaming fun with a few tens of dollars. Well-known examples of low variance slots are Goldilocks, Blood Suckers, and Starburst.

Be smart, only play slots with a high RTP!

We’ve given you the top 10 highest paying slots and some great options. If you want to have the best possible chance of winning, or at least do as long as possible with your money, then play on these slots titles. Because they work with a Random Number Generator, you have a fair chance to beat the slot machine: each spin is independent of the previous one. Anyway, remember that Microgaming and Thunderkick titles generally have very good payout rates (except for progressive slots).

If slots are not only your thing, but you also love table games and/or video poker, then we offer you the top 5 most paying casino games below.

Before you choose to play a particular casino game, it’s a good idea to find out what the payout percentage is. This way you’ll find out how well the casino game pays out and of course: the higher the payout percentage, the more likely you are to win from the casino. We have listed the 10 best paying casino games for you.

The difference between the Payout Percentage and House Benefit

The terms payout percentage and house benefit have a lot to do with each other, but are not the same. Therefore, before listing the 10 best paying casino games, it’s good to explain what these terms mean.

The payout percentage, also known as Return To Player or RTP, indicates how much a casino game returns to the player over the long term. A slot machine with an RTP of 96% gives 96 dollars back to the player over every 100 dollars wagered. Please note that this is an average percentage, which is calculated over millions of possible revenues. The higher the RTP, the better.

The house edge shows how much the casino is left over from the casino game. Suppose a casino game (e.g. Roulette) has an RTP of 97.3%. Then the house edge of the casino is 100% – 97.3% = 2.7%. In other words, the casino is left with roughly 2.7% of every 100 dollars wagered. The lower the house edge, the better.

Are there casino games that pay out more than 100%?

Are there casino games that pay more than 100% in the long run? And with which you are guaranteed to make a profit? Unfortunately, these casino games do not exist. A casino has to make a profit in the end, that’s its raison d’être. A casino game with a negative house advantage would mean the bankruptcy of the casino. However, some games bring you very close to a 100% payout percentage. And that means that with these casino games you greatly increase your chances of winning a session.

Are there certain types of casino games that pay better than others?

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Table games generally pay better than other casino games such as slots. Sometimes you need to follow the right strategy (this is especially true for Black Jack and video poker). It also makes a huge difference which type of game you choose. For example, dollar tendon roulette has a much higher payout percentage than American roulette, because it uses 1 zero as opposed to 2 zeros.

In terms of online slots we also see several striking trends. First of all, it is striking that online slots from Netent and Thunderkick pay out the best. Furthermore, we do not recommend playing slots with a progressive jackpot. These are a percentage of every spin that goes to the progressive jackpot. This means that the payout percentage on the basic game is greatly reduced (sometimes by as much as 5% – 7%) in order to make that big progressive jackpot go away.

The Top 5 Best Paying Table Games and/or Video Poker

1. Video Poker (Jacks or Better): 99,56%.
Video Poker and especially this Jacks or Better version, pays almost 100% if you play the right strategy and play max coins (5 coins). This casino game offers players an absurdly high payout rate of 99.56%.
Blackjack is the best paying casino game2.

2. Blackjack: up to 99.5%.
On the second place of this top 5 we find the noble Blackjack game. This card game has a payout percentage of up to 99.5%. The only condition is that you apply the basic Blackjack strategy, which prescribes when you have to pass, split, buy and double. Blackjack can be played in automated form or at a live casino.

3. 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick): 98.6%.
On the third place of this top 10 we find the second online slot machine. It is a title of the Swedish Thunderkick with the beautiful name 1429 Uncharted Seas. This slot machine offers players a free spins bonus with unfolding wilds and a unique graphic style. But the most impressive thing is perhaps the 98.6% payout rate.

4. Magicious (Thunderkick): 97.6%.
Magicious is another Thunderkick slot machine. They like to pamper the players of their slots with high payout rates. Magicious has 10 winlines, folding wilds and pays on both sides. Magicious’s magicians also conjure up an RTP of 97.6% – this slot machine is a must to play if you like to win. Thunderkick makes great titles and Magicious is definitely one of their best.

5. Esqueleto Explosivo (Thunderkick): 97.6%.
When Thunderkick released Esqueleto Explosivo, many players weren’t sure what to do with it. A slot machine with a dead Mariachi band in the leading role, whose heads exploded when a winning combination took place? And a golden Elvis skeleton head as a wild symbol, complete with sunglasses? This slot machine is as strange as it is entertaining. You can win multipliers up to 32x and the payout percentage is great: 97.6%.

Mobile gambling with your iPhone or Android phone

Increasingly, gambling is done via a mobile phone or tablet. Not surprisingly, online casino game studios such as NetEnt have already optimized hundreds of games. The widest range of games can still be found via your laptop or desktop computer, but nowadays you also have more than enough to choose from your mobile phone. 90% of the games are available.

The majority of the games are aimed at iPhone, iPad and Android users. But even if you have a Windows Phone or Blackberry, there is plenty to choose from, so mobile gambling is accessible to almost everyone. A disadvantage: the battery of your smartphone has a hard time with the games and quickly runs out. Fortunately, this ‘problem’ can easily be solved with a power bank or plug in the charger when you’re not on the move.

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